Niche Marketing for your Private Practice (Part 3 of 3): Information Products

This is the third part of Niche Marketing,

Niche Marketing for your Private Practice (Part 2 of 3): Large Contracts

Niche Marketing for your Private Practice (Part 1 of 3): Clients in Person

With location being a non-issue for this type of marketing, your options for defining a niche are unlimited. This also means that your niche should be pretty narrow to begin. Eventually you can build your brand to expand into the different topics (think “Chicken Soup for the Soul” – one brand, but each book has its own niche).

So, what are some factors to consider when expanding your business to online/phone sessions, and marketing information products?

  • Do you already have a known expertise and audience you can take to the next level?
    • Are you known locally for anything?
    • Are there any local contacts that could help you market to a broader audience?
      •  Ie your neighbor is a local HR manager of ABC Global Inc who could help you get access to speaking engagements at ABC Global Inc’s various locations?
  • Can you create a supporting product line for anything that is currently successful?
    •  Have you lined up some speaking engagements (paid or free)? – can you add a book to sell afterwards?
    •  Do you have some workshops already set up? – why not add a webinar option to take their education to the next level?
  • What is your in person niche? Could you narrow it (if need be) to appeal to people around the country (or world)?
    • Ie if you are successful with new mothers in suburban Chicago, could you narrow that to become the nationwide expert on toddler discipline?
      •  Could your current clients provide testimonials?
  • Do you have a brand already you can leverage off of? Do you have any successful information products that you can tailor to another, similar audience?
    • Could your current clients refer you to their peers?
      •  If you do stress reduction for commercial real estate brokers, could you offer something to their colleagues – stress reduction for property managers?
  • Do you enjoy writing, speaking, and/or seminar creating?
    • Where would you prefer to start?
      •  Would you like to build a blog presence and create buy-able products/online coaching and counseling options by developing a large blogging audience?
      •  If you enjoy speaking, could you market free speaking services and have a supplemental product line, audio books, at the ready for purchase after your speaking gigs?
  • Do you have any prior clients who have moved that you might be able to retain? And who would be willing to recommend you?
    • At the very least, you can let your past clientele know that you have expanded your business to online options.
  • Do your current clients want any more resources from you?
    • Do they want more from you than you can offer in a 50 min session/week or two weeks, but the cannot afford the full cost of additional sessions? ASK what they would want (not in session please!!)
    • Can you offer something to supplement their time with you by publishing an ebook that they can read in between sessions? What about some webinars?
      •  Maybe you can offer the first thing for free/as part of the service, and then offer other products….?
      •  (Note: I am not suggesting that it is appropriate to promote/”upsell” your products in a session – I understand how important trust is in a session, and I think that this hurts the trust. This is something you promote on your website/maybe in a newsletter you send to clients, and also if they ask for additional resources. To keep the trust, you may want to also direct them to alternate resources as well, so they never doubt that you always have their best interest at heart)
  • Are you willing to invest (time or money) to get your expertise out there? Are you willing to travel?
    • In order to launch these products, there are a variety of ways to get your message out there. Advertising in relevant publications and freebies: speaking, articles, blogs, guest posting, “ask the expert” – free interviews, networking with people who have access to large audiences, etc. Some are free, some will not be. But most will cost you time.
    • Can you partner with someone who does have the time to supplement your efforts? Can you collaborate? Develop a protégé? Become a mentor?
      •  Contact me today if this is of interest, particularly for topics that would interest a “worried well” or “normal neurotic” clientele: anxiety, relationships, boundaries, codependence, faith/spirituality, fear, gratitude, intimacy, mindfulness, needs, perfectionism, scarcity/abundance,  self-awareness, shame, staying present, strengths, vulnerability, workplace and career.
  • Who is your competition? Could you differentiate enough from them that you could partner with them?
    • Is there anyone already successful with whom you could partner?
    • A colleague whose specialty is mindfulness for doctors, could you add value to her clientele by doing patient relationship skills for doctors? And share “leads”?

Ready to leverage your practice to the next level? CONTACT ME today to get started!

Still scared? Take a look at this article for some inspiration: Fight the Fear!


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