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These services are intended for anyone who needs to clean up their message about who they are and who they serve. I believe that all of these services go hand in hand. If you do not have a cohesive message about who you are, and who you serve, you will not be able to reach them effectively. Let’s work together to make sure your niche is clearly defined and that you are reaching your target clientele as efficiently as possible.

Clearly defining niche market

“But I can effectively serve all kinds of people and problems!!” you say? Trust me, I know that you can. And someone may come in for relationship problems, and guess what, within 2 seconds they are onto family of origin issues…but if your fellow therapists have marketed themselves as “marriage experts” (note, I made it even more specific than “relationship”), and you are a generalist, who do you think they are going to choose – and that’s all things being equal? If you can differentiate yourself in other ways: a blog, your office location, other services, workshops or products you offer, where will that new client go?

“But I have a few different areas of expertise I want to specialize in!” That’s ok too. But, let’s sit down and figure out how we can clearly brand each one. Maybe when you advertise at the gym, you are a “weight loss coach,” at the local college, you are a “career counselor,” in an email to an HR employee, you are a “workplace stress therapist”. Depending on your circumstances and goals, we could even get much more specific than this.

If you are a generalist, you will always be at the mercy of your competition. The more you can narrow your focus, differentiate yourself, and identify your target customers, the more of a premium you can put on your services. The more you can leverage your time.

Determining the best and most cost effective avenues to reach them

Once you have defined your niche and target audience, let me do the heavy lifting of finding the best avenues to reach them. If you are targeting young professionals, maybe there are some reasonably priced networking events you can speak at for free to get your name out there. If you are targeting an LGBT clientele, maybe you write an article for a local LGBT publication, or offer to speak at an LGBT organization in exchange for some publicity. If you are targeting doctors who are experiencing high levels of stress, maybe we put together an email list and eblast a newsletter with relevant information to add them some value.

Resume, Bio, and About Me revamps

After the niche market has been determined, we can craft your “sales pitch” of how your unique skills and talents will add value to them. We have determined that you are the expert, now let’s convince them!

“Elevator Pitch” crafting

Making sure this is dead on is how you will build your business through referrals. Being able to succinctly state your target audience and your expertise will make it easy for anyone you meet to pass the message along. Ideally you want to include quantifiable results of your work, but depending on the nature of your niche, you may or may not be able to do that, and given the personal nature of therapy and coaching, you may not want to. Note: No jargon a layperson wouldn’t be able to understand!


  • Lady you meet at a party: “What do you do for a living?”
  • You: “I specialize in weight loss coaching. I am able to help clients who have tried every diet and work out regime and still fail to maintain a healthy weight finally get the results they want.”
  • A month later….Lady’s close friend: “I have tried everything, and I am still struggling to lose weight!”
  • Lady: “I met this weight loss coach at a party, you should try her….”

Large Contract Pitching and Negotiation

Developing Sales Pitch for contracts with larger organizations (businesses):

  • speaking engagements
  • workshop, seminars, classes
  • training sessions

If you have cultivated your expertise and you are interested in marketing your services to a broader audience, or maybe you just want more stability with your income, let’s talk about how you can develop a program and a pitch to win some larger contracts.

Wellness initiatives are a huge trend in businesses these days, how can you capitalize on that and get your message out to a broader audience? Maybe you specialize in mind-body connection work, or emotional eating? How can we tailor that to fit a company’s needs? And use language that they connect with? What about stress in the medical profession? What if we came up with a program to help doctors manage healthfully connecting and disconnecting emotionally with their patients? There are a variety of ways we can take your unique niche and tailor it to the needs of large organizations.

Negotiating business terms

Through my experience in commercial real estate, I am very effective at negotiating deal terms to the benefit of my client. Let’s work together to figure out how we can get all of your needs met (monetary or otherwise), leverage your position, and get you the most competitive terms.

Constant contact with large organizations

Winning these larger contracts may take some time, persistence, and tenacity. How do we add value to your potential clients in order to win new business? Maybe a newsletter is the most effective way to go? A “freebie” speaking engagement? Write an article in their industry publication?

I look forward to working with you soon to land some new clients, big or small, contact me today to get started!

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